Nemours Sponsor Statement

At Nemours Children’s Health, we understand the positive impact youth sports can have on kids. That’s why we partnered with Nona Sports Club in 2018. We are impressed with the club’s commitment to strengthening children’s physical, mental and social well-being. Nona Sports Club encourages a healthy balance between sports and academics. When a child joins Nona Sports Club, they learn teamwork, and the value of dedication, respect for others and the community, and self-discipline. Nemours Children’s and Nona Sports Club have a strong partnership. This allows both organizations to focus on the growth and development of children. And to help keep them on the field doing what they love, our team of expert orthopedic and sports medicine specialists – along with other exceptional Nemours pediatric care providers – are here to provide the highest level of care for growing athletes. At Nemours Children’s, we focus on more than medical care by working to improve the mental, social and other aspects that affect a child’s life. Our partnership with Nona Sports Academy is teamwork that allows us to go Well Beyond Medicine.
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