Mini Nonas program

Introductory Recreational Soccer for preschool aged players

Nona Soccer Academy offers Introductory Recreational Soccer for pre-school age children that are ready to be active with the ball, at any capacity!  Practice is centered on having fun! 

Mini Nonas is a jump-start to introducing your child to both the lifelong joy soccer gives as well as the Nona Soccer Pride!  

The soccer play will be the basics; engaging the players with fundamental soccer skills, active listening, motor skills development (running, balance, coordination), team togetherness, and an organized way to get their energy out, all on the field.  A variety of fun games and soccer stations will be implemented to teach kicking, dribbling and becoming “friends” with the ball.  


1 day per week - 45 minutes
See Session schedules below


Game play on Saturday morning.  4 v 4 scrimmages within the Little Nonas Program.  Designed to introduce rules of the game, friendly competition and giving them the excitement of all that “game-day” brings.  

Mini Nonas Session 1: (Nona Box) -  Wednesdays at 10:15 am - beginning January 16th  
Mini Nonas Session 1:   (Lake Nona Middle School) -Wednesdays 5:30 pm - beginning January 22nd  
Mini Nonas Session 1: (Innovation Middle School) - Thursdays 5:30 pm - beginning January 16th 
Mini Nonas Session 2: Begins week of March 23rd


Players born *2015 - 2017 (must already be 3 to join)


Dedicated licensed Nona Coaches

COST - $249 per session, 2 orange practice shirts included 


2 orange practice shirts
End of session award

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