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FIFA Gaming Tournament Series



Prize :


1st Place: Trophy + Nestre baseline Assessment + Adidas NONA eSports jacket 

2nd Place: Trophy + Adidas NONA eSports jacket 

3rd Place: Trophy 


Date : June 17th
Start Time : 12pm
Location : LNPC (Lake Nona Performance Club)

Cost : $60 Includes Nona eSports Free T-Shirt 

Eligibility: To be eligible, each Gamer must, as of the date of registration, be at least thirteen (13) years old and a legal resident of the United States. Gamers who do not legally reside within the Gaming Series Area (above) are not eligible to participate regardless of their physical location.

Console & Game: PS5 – FIFA23

* Registration is open to all Gamers (see Eligibility). 
* Gamers must be able to receive Friend Requests and Messages
* Gamers may only select CLUBS (no National teams)  to play with. 
* Must play with the same team throughout the tournament that they selected while registering. 
* If a Gamer uses the wrong team the game must restart immediately or the else it will be a forfeit. 
* If end of regulation is a tie, play one 6 minute half to determine winner. If tie again, play another 6 minute half.
* If disconnection occurs (defined as wifi outage, electrical outage, game crash, etc.) then the Gamer who disconnects will automatically be disqualified . Who ever doesn’t disconnect must provide a screenshot to tournament admin.
* If a Gamer other than you plays under your gamertag you will be disqualified. 
* WINNERS to report scores – take a picture of the screen and provide it to tournament admin. 
* Game must be played on the assigned day and time.
* Competitors must play fair and engage in gameplay. 

All gamers must use these settings. Different agreements are not allowed! 
Matches have to be played with the following settings : 
* Half Length: 6 minutes
* Time/Score Display: On
* Control Scheme: Any, except “two button”
* Custom Squads are not allowed
All gamers are olbigated to use predetermined formations from EA. Using a self-created formation is strictly forbidden. 
Gamers must play with the teams selected by Game Champions. Soccer Aid team is not allowed. 

Nona Esports adheres to all Legal Agreements, Terms and Copyright Laws set by EA Sports and FIFA. Nona Esports does not own the rights or have partnership with or to EA Sports FIFA Games, logos or photos. Nona Esports Does not own the rights or have partnership with or to Discord App, photos or logos. Nona Esports does not own the rights or have partnership with or to Twitch logos or photos. Nona Esports does not own the rights or have partnership with or to Playstation logos or photos. 

* EA Sports | FIFA Official Legal Agreement/Terms: 
* EA Sports | Official Copyright Infringement Notice:  
* Twitch | Official Legal Agreement/Terms:  
* Playstation | Official Legal Terms: 
* EA Sports | Community Tournament Guidelines 
Reporting of any bullying, profanity, inappropriate language, or behavior should be reported to

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