To better serve teams and their team managers we are providing eCheck-In (online/electronic check).  This will be mandatory for all teams. Any questions, please email Lawrie Dudfield at

E-Check in will be open on Sunday. As you will be aware the process is very different from GotSoccer. Below are the instructions that will be going out to all clubs, can you please confirm that these are the same instructions on the website Teri (they may be ever so slightly different?)

All teams must upload their documents for online check in by Monday, November 15th. Once verified, Approved Rosters will be emailed to you on Wednesday, November 17th. Please print 4 copies of your Approved Roster – you will turn in 1 copy to the referee at each game

1.     Log in to your GotSport account2.     Click “Club Management” on the Left Hand side3.     Click “Teams” on the Left Hand side and choose your team4.     Click on “Team Registrations” tab at the top5.     Click on the Event Name, do not click on Rosters6.     Click on the “Registration” tab at the top7.     In the section labeled Official Roster, click the Yellow EDIT button8.     Click “Choose File” and upload your roster9.     Follow steps 7 and 8 for your Player Cards


League rosters are not acceptable rosters.

The intention of eCheck-In is to provide a better service to participating teams and ultimately save time and make it easier for team managers.  The eCheck-In is free.  For any questions, please email Lawrie Dudfield at We look forward to your team’s participation in the Nona Soccer Cup.

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