Mini Nonas 2023


3 - 4 years old

Begins September 14th

Location:  heroes park

On Wednesdays from 6pm-6:45pm 

Cost:  $29 Annual Registration 
Cost:  $99/month 

Includes 1 Orange Nona Practice Shirt 


All kids are required to wear their Orange Nona Practice Shirt, black athletic shorts, black socks, shin guards, cleats (or athletic shoes)

There is a 30 day cancellation policy from the 15th of each month.  The monthly dues will be drafted on the 15th of each month.  The program runs from September 14th – May 17th (There is no practice December 21, 28, 4, 11.  You will not be charged on December 15th. Class automatically picks up on January 18th).  




 What will be your child’s first introduction to soccer?


MINI NONA can be you child’s “NONA First Touch” into Nona Soccer Academy and into this great game! This Nona Pre-School Program offers introductory, structured soccer classes for our youngest players.

  • Learn the Soccer Basics
  • Fundamentals
  • Increase Coordination & Motor Skills
  • Build Confidence 
  • Gain Age-Appropriate Independence 
  • Prepare to Excel in a Team Setting 
  • Play Environment
  • Release Energy 
  • Fun!

The mission of Mini Nonas is to influence the children in a positive way to where they inherit the desire to play on with their friends from a very long age, and enjoy the culture and pride of Nona from the get-go. No other pre-school soccer program pairs their licensed and experienced soccer coaches with their youngest players. Mini Nonas is a recommended “NONA First Touch” before joining the Little Nonas in the Nemours Recreational Champions League.


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