“soccer is only half our story” 

The Nona Soccer Cares Foundation (Nona Soccer CARES), is a 501(C)(3) organization affiliated with Nona Soccer Academy.  


The mission of Nona Soccer CARES is to accommodate ALL children by providing all-inclusive, innovative soccer programs, expanding the capacity to give-back into our community, and regularly enhancing the practice locations ensuring quality and safety at all times. 

The commitment is fulfilled by allowing the simplicity of the game to openly recognize that every child can succeed, on and off the field, carrying with them strong values they learn thanks to generous donations to Nona Soccer CARES.  We are also able to support our community partners and facilities thanks to Nona Soccer CARES. 
DUE TO THE COVID-19 pandemic we are jumpstarting our CARES campaign now. We are asking individuals and businesses, if you are able, to donate today to CARES.  We anticipate the number of players requesting temporary financial assistance will significantly increase. In addition, not being able to fully-operate at this time can potentially negatively impact our total mission.