The Nona Soccer Academy Competitive Program is designed for the children who are committed to the sport, embrace the reward of perseverance and are willing to travel. Practices are superior with intermediate – high level skill training in a disciplined yet fun group environment. Through our highly sought out coaching staff, our competitive players receive a wide range of training to advance their skills through higher competition.  Teamwork, confidence building, decision making, strength and conditioning and fun are all equally important. We implement training programs that parallel to the individual goals our players have by creating a pathway to helping them achieve their utmost soccer potential.

The team unity our competitive players have with one another is unique. The competitive spirit is undoubtingly apparent, yet the integrity upheld on and off the field is even more impressive.


Our Nona Soccer Academy  Development Teams are growing rapidly, and our children enjoy learning basic – intermediate soccer techniques, focus on being comfortable with the ball, and learn the overall knowledge of the game and field positioning.  Our dedicated coaching staff emphasize a strong foundation of training on these fundamentals and commit to stimulating interest in the sport of soccer with our youth. Coaches focus on each player’s abilities and enhance their skills, build their confidence levels, and promote healthy teamwork initiatives while ultimately cultivating the fun culture of soccer!

As these players mature and grow they can potentially earn the opportunity to play on an NONA Competitive Team. Whether the excitement and commitment to soccer is new, or it has been there a while, the natural progression of wanting to continue with Nona Soccer Academy season to season, after participating with one of our Developmental Teams, is common!

Individualized training is provided for those players who desire to be a goalkeeper.


Strength and conditioning training are offered to our players on and off the season for those who players who are looking for additional practice. Coach and players will discuss and create a plan.

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